Stain remover soap beef bile

200 gr - eviline

from: La droguerie Ecologique (Europe)

€ 3,20 / piece (€ 3,20 / piece)

Biodegradable stain remover. Beef bile soap is ideal for removing all types of stains, especially stubborn ones such as blood, wine, ink, fruit or grease, while being gentle on textiles. It can theref...ore be used on fragile fabrics without damaging them, such as silk or wool (to limit the risks, always carry out a test in an inconspicuous place).

To use it, nothing could be easier:
Moisten the fabric
Rub the stain with the soap.
Leave for a few minutes
Rinse before washing the fabric by hand or machine.
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Best before:
1095 days
EAN code:
- Organic (EU) Organic (EU)

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