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Dates with pits

Biotamra - deglet nour - algeria

from: Biotamra (World)

€ 0,91 / 100 g (€ 9,13 / kg)

The date is a dry fruit very appreciated and consumed, whether we speak of sugar, exotic sweetness, sweetness, or oriental pleasures.
The Deglet Nour is the emblematic variety of the Maghreb, t...he one that all the French know.
Finer than the Medjoul, it has a beautiful amber color and retains, once dried, a little crunchy and a strong taste.

To be kept in the fridge, but to be taken out a little before tasting to let it warm up at room temperature.
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Best before:
15 days

Whole dried date deglet nour* with pits. (*from organic farming).

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