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Pure butter speculoos

125gr package - 12 speculoos

from: Ethiquable (World)

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Pure butter and pure sugar, these twelve speculoos are free of palm oil, preservatives, coloring or artificial flavors.
They are prepared the old-fashioned way with a slow oven cooking and comb...ine the exceptional ingredients of the South with the traditional know-how of Belgian cookie makers, which gives them a perfect crunch and an authentic taste.
Its inimitable flavor is punctuated by a few touches of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

With fair trade, the cooperative has profoundly transformed the peasant economy of the Sierra de Piura in Peru. The producers have been able to improve their living conditions and above all invest in a better future.

In less than 10 years, wholegrain sugar has become an economic engine in the Andean foothills of Piura. The success of this fair trade industry and its impact on its 800 producers is due to the determination of the NORANDINO cooperative, formerly CEPICAFE, to change the living conditions in this disadvantaged region. Starting with a local tradition of sugar cane, NORANDINO has diversified and increased the income of small producers who initially grew coffee. With the long-term support of ETHIQUABLE, it has created a new dynamic in an area affected by a strong rural exodus.
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Wheat flour°, butter° 18%, whole cane sugar°* 15,5%, light cane sugar°*, honey°*, non-GMO soy flour°, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), cinnamon°*, nutmeg° and Bourbon vanilla sugar°* °from organic farming (100%) * from fair trade (35%) certified Fairtrade/Max Havelaar

- Organic (EU) Organic (EU)
- Fairtrade Fairtrade
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ETHIQUABLE est une entreprise coopérative, spécialiste du commerce équitable et du BIO.
Nous concevons, fabriquons et distribuons sur le BENELUX plus de 120 produits avec 40 coopératives de petits producteurs du Sud travaillant exclusivement dans le respect de l'agriculture paysanne.

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