Glass jar

from: Ah ! table ! (Europe)

€ 8,70 / 1,4L pots (€ 8,70 / 1,4L pots)
voorraad: 1 x 1,4L pots

€ 9,05 / 1,8L pots (€ 5,03 / l)
voorraad: 2 x 1,8L pots

Borosilicate glass jars (thin and very strong) to store and preserve food purchased in bulk: dried fruits, chocolate, cereals, legumes ... The diameter of 9cm and the low weight of the jar allows to g...rasp it with one hand. It is dishwasher and freezer safe. The lid is made of polished beech wood and has a flexible seal that provides a perfect seal to preserve food. The lid is made in France by a craftsman from a model designed by Ecodis.

Glass is an infinitely recyclable material. These jars help to reduce waste by offering a storage solution for food purchased in bulk. European manufacture.
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