Pears for tears


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€ 8,04 / bottle (€ 80,45 / l)
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SUPER HOT version of PEARS FOR TEARS, with Caroline Reapers (grown in Brussels) instead of habaneros.
Designed to accompany any classic Northern European dish such as pot-au-feu, waterzooi, blanquette
or even a simple mashed potato or mild cheese such as Brie, this sauce provides a good dose of heat without disrupting
without disturbing the taste as a more classic hot sauce would.
Local pears, red onions, garlic and apple cider vinegar, combined with fresh CAROLINA
REAPER peppers and a very subtle blend of spices.
Strength 12/10

Best before:
730 days
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INGREDIENTS: Pears** - Cider vinegar* - Carolina Reaper** - Red onions - Spring water - Lemon* - Garlic - Cas- sonade** - Guerande salt - Spices * Organic ** Belgian

- Vegan Vegan

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The producer

Swet natural hot sauces

Our ingredients are local or organic or both & fairly sourced.
All the peppers we use are pesticide free & fairly sourced.
All our ingredients are fresh, cutted and cooked by ourselves.
All our spices are premium quality and crushed by hand.
We use no additives, even natural ones.

It is what it is, radically natural.

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Molleke ASBL

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Swet natural hot sauces

Swet natural hot sauces