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Stasher blueberry 450ml

from: Stasher (Own production)

€ 14,94 / piece

Stasher is a reusable and radically functional platinum silicone storage bag. Ideal for packing food, freezing food, vacuum cooking or microwaving. Versatile, it can also carry children's toys or toil...etries.

The healthy alternative to plastic bags and containers.
* plastic-free, hypoallergenic, easy to clean
* incredibly versatile, durable, reusable
* no lids or extra parts

Made from premium food-grade silicone, stashed bags is pure as glass, soft to the touch, non-toxic and temperature resistant. Save money and save the planet, one stashed bag can be used thousands of times.

Warning : when cooking, handle bag with caution to avoid burns. Do not seal bag for use in the microwave. Clean after use to avoid staining. Sharp objects may puncture the bag.
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