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Roll of organic beeswax climat

Cut it yourself (30x100cm).

from: Gaia (Own production)

€ 19,77 / piece (€ 19,77 / piece)
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Roll of organic beeswax - cut it yourself (30x100cm).

Cover bowls sustainably? Wrap food without plastic? Our Gaia Wrap is a reusable food wrap (also known as oilcloth) that gets rid of... unnecessary plastic waste in your kitchen Want to determine the size of your beeswax wraps yourself? With our beeswax wrap roll, you can cut your own individual cuts, so your wrap will fit perfectly over your favourite salad bowl or bread. You can also easily use beeswax wrap to freeze food.

Our alternative to cling film consists of organic cotton printed in vegan colours, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil (in very small quantities) and tree resin (in very small quantities) - nothing more. And of course, we're also sustainable when it comes to our packaging. It consists of grass paper and can be easily recycled due to the high grass fibre content and is biodegradable.

With the exception of the tree resin, the components of the oilcloths are certified organic and tested pesticide-free. We obtain the resin for this from a small jug shop in Austria. We produce in Hamburg to the highest standards in our certified organic factory.
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Nos wraps gaia ou wraps à la cire d'abeille sont fabriqués à la main dans notre usine à Hambourg. Un bon salaire, une atmosphère détendue et un contrôle total sur la qualité de nos produits sont très importants pour nous. Autant de raisons pour lesquelles nous avons décidé de contrer la tendance à l'externalisation de notre production.

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Molleke ASBL

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