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Tempeh - organic


from: De Hobbit (Own production)

€ 3,64 / 200gr pieces

A tempeh based on peeled soy beans, which are given a natural fermentation process. Cut into slices, marinate, fry or deep-fry it.

Tempeh originates from Indonesia. It was probably disc...overed by accident, when cooked soybeans were preserved in hibiscus leaves. Tempeh is made from lightly cooked soybeans fermented with a human-friendly mould (Rhizopus). The fermentation process binds the soybeans into a solid cake and improves their digestibility.

Made from the complete soybean, tempeh is rich in healthy fibre and has a high protein content. It is also a rich source of manganese, calcium, B vitamins, iron and much more.
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Best before:
3 days
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Cooked SOYBEANS*, rice flour*, Rhizopus culture. (*=organic agriculture) Produced in a factory were also lupin is used.

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