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Epsom salt

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From a natural deposit in Northern Europe, this product is recognised for its many uses: cosmetics, agriculture, treatment cures. 1kg tube, produced in Europe
Very popular in spas and institute...s for its high bioavailable magnesium content, known for its relaxing effects:
It is known for its relaxing effects: * Helps to relax muscles thanks to its magnesium content.
* Helps to relieve pain, stiffness and tension.
* Helps to feel relaxed and unwound.
* Helps you to fall asleep.

Ideal for relaxing baths or footbaths.
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100% magnesium sulphate heptahydrate. Magnesium sulphate: 49.1%, Water: 50.9%, Sodium: 40 mg/kg (residues), Potassium: 230 mg/kg (residues), Calcium: 60 mg/kg (residues), Chlorine: 80 mg/kg (residues).

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Ecodis est une société française pionnière dans la conception et la diffusion d’écoproduits auprès des magasins spécialisés, sites marchands et artisans. En offrant environ 2000 produits à ses clients Français et Européens, Ecodis poursuit l’un de ses principaux objectifs : innover pour rendre accessibles les produits écologiques au plus grand nombre.

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