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Why a vegetable food pellet?
First of all, let's make a clear statement: 'think carefully in advance about where and why you are using a pellet'.

Why? Because pellets often only... provide nutrition and skip the part about improving soil life, water management and structure. And that is exactly what is so important for your plants. The nutrition that becomes available through the usual pellets is largely washed out and only a small percentage is used.

Therefore, you can generally say that working with compost is essential in the garden, you are working with the whole picture in your soil and therefore your plant.

So why this pellet?
At our nursery we pot up a large number of plants for sale. The plant is then no longer standing with its roots in the full ground. You therefore have to provide beautiful potting soil with life, nutrition and structure.

That pot, in fact, brings with it limitations. The plant can develop fine in it but the possibilities for that plant are limited. At the nursery we therefore have to add some extra nutrition during the season. We do that with this pellet. If we do not sell the plant, it will be repotted the following season to a larger pot size. Then the plant gets new potting soil. If you are not planning to repot your plants, adding this pellet is very useful and important.

We chose this grain because;
Composed of only vegetable ingredients (mainly seaweeds).
Delivers nutrients in a very dosed manner and for a long time.
Does not have a high NPK ratio (7.5 - 2 - 4).
Is completely organic.
This grain does do something for the soil life (fungi).
750 grams per bucket
How to use the pellet?
Once or twice a year you can provide the plants in pots with a small handful (max. 10 grams = about a tablespoon per 5L of potting compost) of grains. After spreading it is wise to water the plant. This will ensure that the pellets are absorbed quickly and will create 'fungal spores'. These are very important and good for the plant, so no reason to panic!

The moment at which you use the pellet you determine mainly by looking closely at the plant. You can often tell when it needs some extra nutrition. You can also choose to give the plant some pellets when you pot it up. And then again halfway through the year.

Also for the lawn!
The granules are also very good to use for your lawn. Because the pellets slowly release nitrogen, the grass can take nutrition when it wants it. This ensures that the grass creates width growth and no height growth. The latter creates open spaces (and more moss) and requires more mowing. When you mow your lawn, you should also leave the clippings on the lawn, because they are organic material that decomposes quickly. Then you are immediately busy with your soil. The pellet you sprinkle once on the lawn in the spring and autumn (once 1KG on 35m2).

This vegetable nutrient pellet can also be spread on the border or vegetable garden. You do this purely to bring extra nutrition into the soil for growth. But again, for the full soil you better choose our fertilizer compost or garden soil.
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Mixture of vegetable proteins (82%), mined phosphate and potassium minerals (18%). All ingredients in this product comply with the conditions set in the EU regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. As such this product can be used in organic production of crops and ornamentals. Certified by Control Union Certifications (CU registration number 803627). *Store in a dry and dark place.

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Que fait Bio-Kultura ? Nous sommes convaincus que le sol est la base de vos plantes, de votre jardin et qu'il contribue à la préservation de la nature. Nous pensons également qu'il ne devrait pas être difficile de jeter ces bases solides et durables. Nous vendons trois produits de haute qualité qui conviennent à chaque plante et à chaque type de jardin. Notre terreau, notre terre de jardin et notre compost de fumier sont certifiés biologiques et composés avec le plus grand soin. Nous allons plus loin qu'un certificat à cet égard. Par exemple, nous n'utilisons pas de gazon de jardin et nous nous concentrons sur des types de compost de haute qualité. Nous assemblons les produits nous-mêmes, sous la supervision de l'Union de contrôle des certificateurs. Nous sommes également le seul producteur de terreau, de terreau de jardin et de compost sur la liste des intrants de SKAL. ******************* Wat doet Bio-Kultura? Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat de bodem de basis is voor je planten, je tuin en bijdraagt aan behoud van de natuur. Ook vinden wij dat het niet moeilijk moet zijn om die goede en duurzame basis te leggen. Wij verkopen drie kwalitatief hoogwaardige producten die geschikt zijn voor elke plant en elk type tuin. Onze biologische potgrond, tuinaarde en mestcompost zijn biologisch gecertificeerd en met de grootste zorg samengesteld. Wij gaan hierin verder dan een certificaat. Zo gebruiken we geen tuinturf en richten we ons op hoogwaardige soorten compost. We stellen de producten zelf samen, onder toezicht van certificeerder Control Union. Ook staan wij als enige producent van potgrond, tuinaarde en compost op de inputlijst van SKAL.

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