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Wild salmon king (!) portion

With skin

from: Pintafish/Veeakker (World)

€ 18,05 / 290 g
€ 21,24 / 290 g
(€ 62,25 / kg)  
(€ 73,23 / kg)
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The fisherman's choice! King is the king of salmon and almost all fishermen in Alaska prefer it to the other species. This is not only for its size and taste, but also because of... its excellent energy properties. It is a large salmon and an absolute Omega3 bomb (1736 mg per 100g!). In addition, King is also rich in Vitamin A and Selenium.
King is softer in taste than, for example, Sockeye and has more fat. The colour is also slightly lighter. Due to its less pronounced flavour and soft texture, the fish is enjoyed by a very wide audience.
King is not only the king among the salmon, the price is also royal. This is partly due to the relative rarity of King. It is much easier to catch large quantities of Sockeye or Coho. In addition, the fishermen in Alaska are also fond of King and often keep them themselves, which reduces the supply on the market.

As with all wild salmon, care should be taken not to overcook the fish during preparation. Wild salmon has far less (and much healthier/better balanced) fat than its soaked counterparts, making it easier to dry out.

Thawing tip: place in cold water with packaging for 15-20 minutes.

As they say in Alaska: Friends don't let friends eat farmed fish!

Enjoy your meal!
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Binnen Pintafish streven we naar het opbouwen van een duurzame keten. If you want it fresh by it frozen’ Al onze vis is gefileerd en diepgevroren tenzij anders aangegeven. De vis wordt meteen na de vangst bevroren zodat de versheid optimaal bewaard wordt. Bovendien geeft het ons de kans om geen enkele vis verloren te laten gaan en zo een effectieve bijdrage te leveren in de oplossing van overbevissing.

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