Crunchy muesli coco&hazelnut

Coconut & hazelnut

from: Meesters van de Halm (Europe)

Vary this deliciously crunchy granola with grains, coconut and hazelnuts.
The coconut makes this one of our most exotic mueslis. Delicious in the summer, but also in the winter. The organic muesli is sweetened with raw cane sugar and has a refined taste. A few spoonfuls in your yogurt, cottage cheese or milk and you're ready to go.

Best before:
7 months
EAN code:
May contain traces of:
Milk, Nuts, Soy

Organic: Ingredients organic: 4-grain flakes (TARWE flakes, HAAT flakes, GERST flakes, ROGGE flakes), 10.2% coconut, TARWE syrup, cane sugar, 7.1% HAZEL Nuts, sunflower oil, TARWE flour, TARWE bran. May contain traces of other nuts, soy, peanuts and milk.

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