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Green tea de la source

Green tea

from: Les thés de Marie (Own production)

€ 7,63 / 100 gr bags

Green tea contains less theine than black tea. It can be drunk throughout the day. If you are sensitive to theine, drink it before 4pm. The brewing time is generally 1 to 3 minutes maximum. Flavored g...reen tea. Can support the following processes: Aids digestion, depurative effect, treats skin conditions, hypoglycemic effect for diabetes. Does not replace a medical follow-up. Water at 100°. Infusion 2-3 minutes. Read more

Best before:
18 months

Fennel anise, licorice, barley ear, blackberry, burdock root, nettle, dandelion, sunflower.

- Organic (EU) Organic (EU)

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