Krunchy joy hazelnuts


from: Barnhouse (Europe)

€ 5,24 / piece (€ 5,24 / piece)
voorraad: 6 pieces

Krunchy Joy Nut combines fragrant, crispy oat clusters with crisp hazelnuts. A combination that tastes much better than it already sounds. Our bakers give the Krunchy Joy Nut the decisive taste kick w...ith puffed spelt and cornflakes. Your palate and your eye will enjoy. And you can look forward to a nice nutty Krunchy, which is still very loose-easy baked in your cereal bowl. . .
Krunchy Joy offers you full enjoyment with only 12g sugar/100g and thus at least 30% less sugar than other krunchy muesli¹.
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Best before:
6 months
EAN code:
Gluten-containing cereals, Nuts, Soy
May contain traces of:
Sesame seed, Milk

OAT FLORES*41%, sunflower seeds*, coconut flakes*, CASHEWN Nuts*9%, maple syrup*, agave syrup*, beet juice*, quinoa*, olive oil*, dried raspberry*1%, dried blueberries*1%, dried rose petals*0.5%, dried hibiscus*0.5%, herbs* and spices*, sea salt.

- Organic (EU) Organic (EU)
- Vegan Vegan

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