from: La droguerie Ecologique (Europe)

€ 10,60 / 400gr bags (€ 10,60 / 400gr bags)
voorraad: 5 x 400gr bags

Beeswax is a plastic, yellowish substance secreted by bees, which they use to make the combs of their hives. It is a rather rare product: to obtain 300 g of wax, the bees must produce between 2 and 7....5 kg of honey. This wax is harvested at the end of the season and is obtained without solvent, by centrifugation and separation of the honey by boiling water. Soft to the touch and with a pleasant smell, beeswax is unique for its film-forming, moisturizing, protective, anti-static qualities as well as for its sanitizing properties. It is used in the elaboration of numerous products such as candles, wood products... It liquefies at 64°C.

For the maintenance of wood and leathers. To make your polish, cover the beeswax nuggets with turpentine in a closed jar. The next day and the day after, add a little turpentine until you obtain a smooth liquid. Keep the encaustic in an airtight jar and apply a thin layer with a lint-free cloth. Remove the excess after 5 days by rubbing vigorously with a cloth in the direction of the wood grain.
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