Oyster mushrooms

from: Eclo (Local (max 30km))

€ 3,47 / 200 g (€ 17,36 / kg)
voorraad: 4 x 200 g

The oyster mushroom is a white mushroom recognisable by its large cap. It is full of vitamins such as B12, D, E, K and contains 5 times more protein than most vegetables!

The most frag...ile of all, it can be kept between 0°c and 4°c in a container that is neither too airtight nor too open... You will have understood, consume it quickly because it will absorb the odours and flavours of the food with which it comes into contact. It cannot be dried, you can moisten it slightly with a cloth if it dries out. Read more

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7 days

Oyster mushrooms

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The producer


Local & Exotic : we produce exotic mushrooms with a Belgian touch.
Circular substrates: In 2021, 61% of our mushrooms substrates were made out of organic waste. 
Underground : We’re at the heart of Brussel’s city, in a 10,000 m2 century old basement called ‘Cureghem Cellars’.

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Molleke ASBL

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