Gngr ginger soda

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from: Atelier Cuarenta (Own production)

€ 1,74 / bottle (€ 1,74 / bottle)

GNGR is a ginger soda. It's lightly spicy while being soft & round due to the Asian Ginger. Perfect as a stand alone, but also delicious with some (brown) rum. Enjoy! Deposit 0,10€

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3 months

Asian ginger Lemon Cane sugar Sparkling water

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The producer

Atelier Cuarenta

The soda brewery

We're not a brewery, but we do use techniques from microbrewers to craft our sodas. We also share the same philosophy: Local, proud and independent.

The inspiration

In Latin-America, fresh sodas and juices are made on the corner of the street. In Europe, sodas come from mega factories. And contain ingredients most of us even can’t pronounce (things like E211, sodium benzoate). Atelier Cuarenta takes the Latin-American craft soda spirit to Brussels. Sodas with real ingredients, locally crafted in the heart of Europe.

The name: Atelier Cuarenta

The name comes from the longest road in Latin-America. A 5000 km road that parallels the Andes mountains in Argentina, the Ruta Cuarenta (RN40). We’ve spent weeks on this beautiful road during a trip. This is where the craft soda brewery idea was born.

Made in Brussels

We want to be sure that no shortcuts are taken in the production. That's why we do the production of the drinks ourselves. Our atelier is located in the city of Brussels. Close to our customers and making bike delivery easy as pie. Where possible, we buy our products from local farms like the urban farm in Anderlecht. Santé!

Contact data
Molleke ASBL

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