Bergerie d'acremont - sheep

Bergerie d'acremont - bertrix

from: Artisans du Luxembourg Belge (Own production)

€ 9,94 / 200 g (€ 49,68 / kg)

Uncooked pressed sheep's cheese made from raw milk, raclette type. Vacuum-packed cutting of 200 gr.

Craftsman: Bergerie d'Acremont. Launched in 1999 with about twenty goats, the flock n...ow numbers 250 ewes. In order to have a good cheese milk, the best feeds are used: local, GMO-free, soy-free, corn-free and silage-free feeds.

The ewes are therefore fed grass, alfalfa and clover during the right season. When there is no more grass, they have good hay produced on place. They are entitled to a supplement made up of flax cake, barley, triticale, spelt.
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Best before:
2 weeks
- Organic (EU) Organic (EU)

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