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Wild oysters nl size 3

6pc +-310gr/pc +-20cm

from: Pintafish/Veeakker (Benelux)

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Wild Oysters Wilde Wad directly from Jan and Barbara from the Wadden Sea in Lauwersoog, in the very north of the Netherlands. Jan and Barbara, fishermen on the TS31 Internos, also have a restaurant th...at is well worth a visit: 't Ailand.
The wild Wilde Wad oysters grow spontaneously on the wild shell banks in the unspoilt nature reserve. Because they are picked by hand, the shell bank remains intact. The intermediate zone in which the oysters grow is that from a young age they dry twice a day. This makes the sphincter very strong because it closes as tightly as possible against the natural elements.
The Wadden Sea has a good nutritional status and because of the natural shellfish population, there is more than enough plankton and the oysters are full of meat with an excellent taste and texture. This is in contrast to many farmed oysters which are in too little water with too many oysters, so they don't really contain any meat, but rather - and I quote Barbara - a bowl of sea water with a 'little flubber'.
They come in 3 sizes: 1 (120-200gr, + -10cm), 2 (200-300gr, +- 15cm) and size 3 (> 300gr, + -20cm). Note: these numbers are often reversed and size 3 is the smallest size instead of the largest.
Oysters are also good for your health. They contain almost no fat and few calories. Vitamins, minerals and proteins are abundant, as is zinc, and this increases resistance to colds.
Enjoy your meal!
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Binnen Pintafish streven we naar het opbouwen van een duurzame keten. If you want it fresh by it frozen’ Al onze vis is gefileerd en diepgevroren tenzij anders aangegeven. De vis wordt meteen na de vangst bevroren zodat de versheid optimaal bewaard wordt. Bovendien geeft het ons de kans om geen enkele vis verloren te laten gaan en zo een effectieve bijdrage te leveren in de oplossing van overbevissing.

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