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Refillable dental floss

Mint flavour

from: My Boo Company (Own production)

€ 8,00 / piece

My Boo Company's dental floss is plastic-free, made of cornstarch and coated with candelilla wax to fit snugly between your teeth.
Its fresh mint scent comes from essential oils.
The sp...ool of floss is placed in a glass container. Then simply buy the refills to be placed in the mini dispenser. This product contains 1 spool of floss and 1 refillable glass container.

Using vegan Boo dental floss :
The floss is applied after brushing the teeth, between each tooth interval. It helps to limit the formation of dental plaque.
The dental floss contains essential oils of mint, and is therefore not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women as a precaution.
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Best before:
36 months

100% vegetable fibre: compostable and biodegradable

- Vegan Vegan

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The producer

My Boo Company

My Boo Company est une entreprise française, installée à Nantes, qui vous propose une alternative écologique pour remplacer vos brosses à dents habituelles. Dites enfin stop au plastique !

My Boo Company vous offre la possibilité de ne rien changer à vos habitudes – brosser vos dents en toute quiétude – tout en faisant un immense geste pour notre planète. Il s’agit tout simplement d’adopter la brosse à dents en bambou BOO. En effet, elle est non polluante, à 100% recyclable et 95% biodégradable. En un mot : respectueuse de l’environnement et de nos océans.

Vive la BOO attitude !

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