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Smudge stick - sage

from: Hierba Buena (Own production)

€ 13,52 / piece

To spread good smell and energy at home with the dried plants from the Hierba Buena field in Neerpede. Bouquet handmade by Emilia of Hierba Buena herself. Much larger than a classic stick, it can be u...sed several times.

According to tradition, these dried plant bouquets are considered sacred and have a purifying power. It's up to you to use it this way or just to bring a sweet scent to your home as with incense.

Instructions for use: light the end with a match or lighter. Blow on the flame to extinguish it, the resulting smoke is what should be used and not the flame. Allow the plants to burn for as long as desired. The stick can be used in several times. Do not leave unattended.
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The producer

Hierba Buena

Convaincue des effets bénéfiques de l’usage des plantes dans la vie quotidienne, Emilia Farfan a fondé Hierba Buena tisanes. Sa mission: remettre au goût du jour les multiples usages des plantes médicinales, aromatiques et sauvages et partager les savoir-faire liés à cette pratique. Cultivées à Anderlecht, les tisanes artisanales de Hierba Buena sont aussi zéro déchet car elles sont proposées en bocal consigné. * Produits vendus via Molleke *

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