Swet natural hot sauces

Our ingredients are local or organic or both &  fairly sourced.
All the peppers we use are pesticide free & fairly sourced.
All our ingredients are fresh, cutted and cooked by ourselves.
All our spices are premium quality and crushed by hand.
We use no additives, even natural ones.

It is what it is, radically natural.

Contact data
Molleke ASBL

Where can you order products from Swet natural hot sauces?


Livraisons VENDREDI / Leveringen VRIJDAG

- Friday 21 May 18:00-20:30

Pick up

Collecte VENDREDI / Afhaling VRIJDAG

64 de la Poudrière
1000 Bruxelles, België

- Friday 21 May 17:30-19:00

Collecte SAMEDI / Afhaling ZATERDAG

64 de la Poudrière
1000 Bruxelles, België

- Saturday 22 May 11:00-19:00