Hi, I'm Nouné, the founder of Rish.

I came across Kombucha while travelling the world as a Project Director for a consulting firm. When 2020 brought me back to my home-town, Brussels, my desire to start my own project and the need to work on a tangible product led me to the most fascinating drink I had ever encountered - Kombucha. I started Rish to be part of a changing movement. I am convinced that our generation is at a turning point. We want it natural, authentic, beautiful, local. We want less but better. We want it healthy, conscious and refined. We need a return to the source, to quality and craftsmanship in everything we do and consume. I am also convinced that those of us who will have the courage to go against the tide will create the next wave.

Small batch artisanal kombucha produced in the heart of Brussels, in our own production facility, the Rish Lab. A space to experiment and discover the wonders of fermentation and perfect the process through which tea is transformed into the most refined beverage. We collaborate with chefs and creative minds to develop recipes and create a unique experience through our vehicle - kombucha. The Lab. is also a space to welcome our community, and share these ancestral traditions of fermentation processes.

Fermentation is a science as well as an art. Through its powerful enzymes and microbial action, fermentation can not only boost the nutrient density of foods, but produce powerful and complex compounds that benefit human health.

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