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OR Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster and training center with a heart for direct trade. We roast specialty coffee with love for your horeca business, retail, at home or office. We only roast 100% arabica specialty coffee and buy almost all our coffee at the origin.

We will always recommend an ideal brewing methode for a coffee on our label. Depending on the roast and the general flavour profile of the coffee we will differentiate between a coffee for filter or for espresso. Every roaster has his own vision about coffee. At OR we only work with quality specialty arabica coffee. We believe a light roasting process, in which the bean keeps most of its natural aromas, is the only way we can serve a coffee at his best.

We aim to be sustainable in every step of the coffee chain and this is why we work with producers who grow their coffee pesticide free. Some are organic certified, others are not, but we go to the origin every year and see how they practise what they stand for. Some countries of origin are still unable to work pesticide free because of diseases that greatly affect the coffee plants.

Packaging wise we work with the most sustainable option at this point, which is 100% recyclable material. We hope the food packaging industry will grow into an even more sustainable direction in the future. But for now this is the best option we have. Nevertheless we are happy to say that our Nespresso compatible capsules are home bio degradable. On top of that, more and more professional customers use our zero waste option, which is coffee delivered in barrels that we pick up afterwards. Lastly our roastery is supplied with solar panels on the roof.

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Molleke ASBL

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Or Coffee

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