Spelt drink almond

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Spelt Almond Drink is an organic drink. The blend of organic spelt and almonds results in a very special mild flavor. Spelt is an ancient grain, it is the ancestor of modern bread wheat. During the fermentation process, the spelt starch is converted into natural sugars, giving the Spelt Drink a natural sweetness, no additional sugar is added. This drink is 100% vegetarian and lactose free.

Spelt drink can be enjoyed as such, hot or cold, at breakfast or afternoon tea. The Spelt drink is an invaluable ingredient of many desserts, creams, flans, pancakes… and a perfect complement to breakfast cereals. Consume the Spelt drink within a maximum of five days after opening and store in a refrigerator.

Best before:
7 months
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Gluten-containing cereals, Nuts

water, SPELT (WHEAT)* 13%, ALMONDS* 2,5%, sunflower oil*, sea salt. *organically grown

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