Salie snoepjes


from: Bij Dingens (Own production)

€ 8,79 / 200ml bottles (€ 8,79 / 200ml bottles)
voorraad: 5 x 200ml bottles

he is one of the many syrups on the Belgian market that has a soothing effect on the throat. The advantage of the propolis and honey in the syrup is that it is disinfecting and also provides a protect...ive layer so that the pain disappears fairly quickly and accelerates the healing process. Keep it in your mouth for a while and don't swallow it all right away. Wait a while before rinsing the mouth with another liquid. Shake before use. Store in a cool and dark place. Read more

Best before:
365 days
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organic elderberry juice, organic cane sugar and citric acid (<5%)

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