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from: Swet natural hot sauces (Own production)

FUMADO for adults.
Strength 10/10

This is essentially the same recipe, slightly adapted with Carolina Reapers (officially the world's strongest chilli), which give it a good dose of heat with a small delay in ignition on the palate that allows you to take full advantage of its rich aroma.
Brussels grown Carolina Reapers, AOC green oak smoked cayenne peppers, red onions, garlic and Belgian candy sugar.

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730 days
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Red onions - Cider vinegar* - Carolina Reaper peppers** - Spring water - Brown sugar** - Pimentón de la Vera - Garlic - Guérande salt - Spices * Organic ** Belgian

- Vegan Vegan

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The producer

Swet natural hot sauces

Our ingredients are local or organic or both & fairly sourced.
All the peppers we use are pesticide free & fairly sourced.
All our ingredients are fresh, cutted and cooked by ourselves.
All our spices are premium quality and crushed by hand.
We use no additives, even natural ones.

It is what it is, radically natural.

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Molleke ASBL

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Swet natural hot sauces

Swet natural hot sauces