Birch sap

100% pure and fresh

from: Ma Foret (Own production)

Our birch juice is :
Certified organic (Certisys BE-BIO-01),
Without preservatives,
Harvested with great care and delivered on the day of harvest.
Pure and fresh, birch juice has made history. Considered a true water of youth, it has been harvested for thousands of years by the peoples of the North, from Alaska to Siberia.Pure and fresh, the juice is alive, it evolves.At the beginning of the treatment it is very clear, very light in flavor: the cleansing, diuretic and draining side is then at its peak. As the treatment progresses (after 10 to 15 days), the taste becomes more pronounced, more mineral, a little bitter and acidic. Due to a biochemical change and the beginning of the lacto-fermentation process (one sees the formation of calcium maleate and calcium phosphate in the form of white crystals), the diuretic properties will tend to diminish to give more room to the remineralizing and enriching tendency, become more assimilable (at the mineral level) and then become active in the intestinal flora.

Ideally for 21 days. One large glass every morning on an empty stomach - some people ask for more, so it is advisable to drink it again in the evening before going to bed (half a glass); it is good to drink the juice at a time of day when the body and mind are calm (in the morning 10-15 minutes before eating, in the evening 1H30 after eating: before and after the sometimes intense activity of the day).
Packed with freshness, with subtle notes of mineral salts, fresh birch juice is known as the spring cure par excellence. Rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, it is the best natural way to eliminate toxins accumulated during the winter, purify and tone the body. It stimulates kidney activity, helps get rid of organic waste such as uric acid and cholesterol, and helps soften joints and slim the body when needed. Birch water is a living force and strengthens our vitality.
HARVEST: We harvest the juice from a beautiful 9-acre Walloon forest, which we treat with respect and love. We are very proud of our juice and our way of doing things, and we like to think that this is reflected in many ways in the juice you drink!
We harvest at the break of spring, when the sap rises, and only at this time of year. Our birch trees are selected one by one based on their size and vigor. Then we make a small perforation in each birch tree (8 mm wide) and insert the tube that goes directly into our final packaging, the Bag-in-Box. Therein also lies our specificity: the juice goes directly from the tree to the cube, without going through a barrel and without any other human intervention.Since it is good not to ask too much of them, we cure each tree after 15 days from harvest. We seal the hole with a wooden dowel and a clay tape and let them rest for two years. Harvesting is done entirely by hand and takes five to six weeks.
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The producer

Ma Foret

Notre sève de bouleau est 100% pure et fraîche, certifiée BIO (Certisys BE-BIO-01), non pasteurisée, sans conservateurs. Récoltée avec beaucoup d'amour et livrée le jour de sa récolte. Attention, la sève n'est disponible que durant une courte période de l'année. Le reste des produits à base de plantes sont eux disponibles tout au long de l'année.

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