Heart & soul

We are a family of hard workers with a healthy dose of guts and ambition. For three generations now, we have been dedicated to achieving the best in everything we do. That’s how we transform the power of nature into honest cookies. Served with love to the entire world.

Belgian family business

You can almost taste the passions of each generation of our family business. My grandfather was the beloved baker of the village. My father was fascinated by the healing power of nature and applied it to his bread and pastries. And I inherited the genes of both, along with a pinch of technical know-how. I streamlined the processes, applying generations of acquired expertise. In so doing, we discovered the enormous potential of organic baby and children’s cookies where everything comes together: the baker’s craft, the power of nature and optimised production processes. A nice family gathering, you might say.”

- CEO Jos Corthouts -

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Molleke ASBL

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